Our Guiding Principles: Patience and Discipline

Combining an incisive view of client goals and preferences with sound and appropriate strategies, we create financial plans that are smart and steadfast. As a result, we don’t try to time the market, reverse direction quickly or shift unexpectedly from our initial recommendations. Experience has amply demonstrated that complex solutions and overactive trading can disrupt well-crafted plans and limit future opportunities. As is often the case, quick fixes for short-term success fall short of expectations. It is a measure of both our expertise and our commitment to our clients that our own personal portfolios include many of the same investments we recommend to clients.

Our disciplined approach to finding and monitoring investments ensures a fully diversified portfolio of assets, none of which overlap with other investments clients may own. Over time, we reduce overexposure in one area and maximize the benefits diversification affords. We purposely select assets that hold greater long-term potential and are well worth the patience this time horizon requires.