Intelligent, Cohesive Design

The financial plan is the foundation upon which success is built; it is also the cornerstone of what sets us apart as wealth advisors. We devote substantial time and attention to securing a meticulous grasp of your aspirations and objectives, your current lifestyle and the one you envision for the future. We consider your family dynamics as well as any business succession plans, charitable or legacy intentions you may have…and much more.

The result of our thorough process is a comprehensive financial plan customized to our specific needs and goals. Going through our process and working with their personal plan gives our peace of mind and confidence in preparing for their financial future.

Our Planning Process

  1. Gather Information
    We will ask you to do some “homework” and gather information like your company benefits, retirement statements, any investment or savings statements, insurance policies, loans or debt statements, etc. We want to understand the full picture as to how your financial life stacks up. Your finances are only part of the equation. We also want to understand your financial needs, your longer-term objectives, and the personal values that guide your decisions. We want to know how you envision your future and what goals you hope to achieve.
  2. Analyze Data
    We will analyze the data you have provided us in order to build a custom financial plan that helps you visualize your goals and provide a clear path to pursue them. Our work includes illustrating alternative scenarios and so we can suggest adjustments for you to consider in order to make your goals more attainable.
  3. Present Financial Plan
    We will present you with a comprehensive strategy, tailored to your short- and long-term objectives, your personal values and your life goals – everything that matters to you. Your plan may include managing debts, building a budget you can adhere to, optimizing employer benefits, identifying what is most at risk and which types of insurance you should consider, discussing the importance of a will and other estate plan documents, and many additional items. We will have designed a roadmap for you, but you are always in the driver’s seat.
  4. Implement
    Our team will help you implement the important decisions you make and the strategies you choose. We understand how busy your life is, so we will track your progress towards the goals in your financial plan, and we help you prioritize and implement agreed upon actions.
  5. Review
    We want to meet and review the financial plan and track your progress with you. Life changes and we routinely update your financial plan and goals to take those changes into account.

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