Advice – Custody – Products

In starting our own independent firm, we share the same entrepreneurial spirit many of our clients possess. This independence manifests itself in a variety of critical ways.

Among the most important is how we’ve separated from one another the three key aspects of our business: advice, custody of client assets and the financial products and services we offer. At larger wealth management firms and banks, these are traditionally linked. Clients are usually offered what makes the most business sense to the company serving them—and not necessarily the most sense for their financial lives. By completely unlinking these offerings in ways that others don’t, we embrace a more elegant, client-focused model we call “The Triangulation of Advice.” As a result, our clients can expect:

  • Objective advice: We provide advice that is 100% objective, transparent and free from outside influence. As fiduciaries for our clients, we are legally bound to place their interests above everything else we do.
  • Independent custody of client assets: We have selected Charles Schwab to hold all client assets on our behalf. This selection was made on a completely objective basis—we have no affiliation with or commitment to Charles Schwab. As of now, we believe it is the best firm for the job; should that change, we will find a different custodian to serve our clients.
  • Greatly expanded products and services: We maintain a strategic partnership with Dynasty Financial Partners, a firm that gives us unfettered access to some of the industry’s leading products and services. Instead of being captive to one company, our clients are now “clients of Wall Street” as we seek the absolute best solutions for their comprehensive planning needs including opportunities in the world’s top capital markets, advantageous lending solutions, investment banking relationships, asset management strategies, liability risk mitigation, estate planning, and much more.