Centerline ESG Report

We may be smaller than the behemoth financial services firms, but we believe this is an advantage not a drawback. We’re nimble and fiercely competitive. We also have our fingers on the pulse of industry and other macro trends. That’s why we have developed our own ESG policies today. We don’t just see this as a box to check, but in the DNA of who we are. We want to give back to our local community and continue to build and maintain a culture of inclusiveness, fairness and be the best stewards possible over the tiny corner of the community we control.

While we don’t have a huge environmental impact, we do work to control what we can control. For example, we have made our home in a LEED-certified building that endeavors to lower its environmental impact. We have our computers and printers to automatically default to 2-up and 2-sided printing, with initiatives to reduce dependence on paper going forward. We are moving more of our paper-intensive business to online account opening and transactions and help train our clients to move to paperless delivery of statements and materials wherever possible. We recycle everything that can be recycled in our break room, and responsibly recycle electronics after we get every last drop of use out of them. 

We contribute to our local community in many ways, including give-a-day offsite work days, an internship program, and bi-annual substantial charitable contributions (mostly to local charities). We believe in giving a hand to lift others and that by being active in the community, we make a better living space for all. In addition, we strive to create a work environment sensitive to human rights and welfare concerns, in addition to making it a fun place to work. The health and happiness of Centerline team members is a top concern.

Data privacy and compliant processes are extremely important to CWA. We use a password manager for all internal logins and third party websites, and we recommend clients do as well.  After seeing the endemic conflicts of interest inside a large financial services firm, CWA committed itself to a better way of doing things. That’s why we don’t allow third party providers to buy us lunches/dinners/golf outings, trips, etc. The independence of our team and clarity of purpose we can provide to clients cannot and will not be compromised by undue influence.