Centerline Wealth Advisors

Our clients can rely on us to design portfolios that focus on
producing sound and steady outcomes over the long-term.

Centerline Wealth Advisors

Providing focused long-term support for all aspects of
the financial lives of our clients and their families.

Centerline Wealth Advisors

We provide exemplary service to a select group of entrepreneurs,
business owners, healthcare professionals and retired executives.



Core Services


At Centerline Wealth Advisors, we enjoy helping families and individuals coordinate the financial details of their lives, so they can focus their careers, families and passions in life.


Our Core Services take familes through the process of crafting a personal financial plan to analyze all areas of their financial lives.





Areas of Focus for Families & Individuals


In addition to the Core Services we offer all clients, our experience working with other Families & Individuals has helped us identify specific areas of focus that we can help you address.  We work with you to focus on these areas of your life that can be improved on a multitude of financial metrics.



Give us a call at (502)242-1561 or send an email to if you would like to learn more about how we can help you meet your goals.