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Connor and Brenda decided to work with us in their mid 30’s. They had completed medical school and fellowships but were swimming in student loan debt. They had no savings strategy, no emergency fund, and no estate plan. They had no idea where to begin to get their finances in order. They were both making considerable income but were unsure of the best way to create a strategy for their young family’s financial future.

  • Massive student loan debt
  • No savings strategy
  • No emergency fund
  • No plan to protect young children
  • Constructed a comprehensive financial plan
  • Coordinated and established an estate plan
  • Placed appropriate amounts of LTD and life insurance to protect earnings and family members

How We Helped

First, we developed a plan to help them pay off their student loan debt, while simultaneously taking advantage of other strategies to grow wealth. We created an emergency fund to prepare for unexpected expenses. The last piece of the puzzle that came into place was the creation of an estate plan. We wanted to ensure their assets and children were protected so we collaborated with an estate attorney to establish a plan that provided these protections. The comprehensive financial plan we created together helped them envision a future free of financial pressures.

Financial Plan

Brenda & Connor now feel comfortable they have an actual strategy to pay down their medical school debt and also save for their future.

Estate Planning

They have an established estate plan in place that protects their assets and their children.


Placed affordable Long Term Disability and Life Insurance coverage that suited their needs. Brenda & Connor were happy to avoid overzealous insurance salespeople.

Education Savings

Connor and Brenda are content knowing they have a savings strategy in place to ensure their childrens’ education will be funded.

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